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Information needs and information seeking behavior of researchers in Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute, Ilorin, Kwara State

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This study was undertaken to investigate the information needs and information seeking behavior of the researchers in Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute, Ilorin, Kwara State. The study used questionnaire and interview method to obtain data from the respondents. Out of the sixty copies of questionnaire distributed to respondents, fifty-three copies were returned and found useable for the study. There was also an interview with the Director, library services in the institute. Findings from the study revealed that the information needs of the researchers were mainly on current awareness, to prepare for promotion exercises and job interviews and to prepare for seminars and conferences. Among various information resources available to the researchers, journals and online databases were the most preferred. However, the researchers utilized the internet frequently than the library. This was because materials in the library were outdated and could not be used to meet current information needs. Some of the challenges faced by the researchers during information seeking process include poor internet connectivity, high cost of purchasing information resources and outdated materials in the library. Finally, appropriate recommendations such as increase in the budgetary allocation of the library, improvement in internet connectivity and the acquisition of current materials into the library were put forward to solve the challenges highlighted by the study.

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