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Measuring the research quality of academics to assess the performance of departments, research institutes, universities or even the researchers by themselves is a trend now across the globe. Quality is a journey which can only be judged through the scholarly communications produced, especially papers published in journals. However, assessing the quality of individual papers by peer review is not trouble-free and sometimes leads to disagreement too. Partly for these reasons, the quality of the journal that the paper is published in is widely taken into consideration for the quality of the paper itself. The present study explores the publication pattern of scholarly articles of the Journal “Information Processing and Management,” a leading international journal published by Elsevier and indexed under Science Direct Database. It examines and presents an analysis of 550 articles (under Top25 hottest article of Science Direct) cited within the period from 2008 to 2013. The scholarly articles are analyzed from several bibliometric parameters such as the chronological distribution, authorship pattern and degree of collaboration, most prolific authors, country and institution-wise distribution, subject-wise distribution of articles, most downloaded and cited, the length of articles. Lotka’s law is also applied to examine authors’ productivity pattern and productivity index. Results indicated that a high level of collaboration exists among the authors, Information Science taking shape of a developing discipline within LIS and USA occupies the dominant position in terms of productive authors, institutions and country. A positive and significant relationship lies between the T25HA and the number of citations received.



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