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Purpose: The purpose of the present study is to prioritize the effective factors on knowledge commercialization using fuzzy AHP at Isfahan University.

Methodology: This research is an applied type of research that is conducted with mixed data collection method. The research community included 790 managers, executives, researchers and faculty members of the Isfahan University, and using stratified sampling 260 individuals were selected. The data collection tool is a questionnaire.

Findings: Using fuzzy method, it was determined that among the triple factors, the contextual factors, and among the investigated sub-criteria, the commercialization culture sub-criteria, the knowledge base and research quality, and innovative infrastructure have the highest importance. In prioritizing the investigated indexes, the index of developing and promoting the commercialization culture and entrepreneurship, processing the results for different purposes, and focusing and considering the needs of market and customer are prioritized.

Discussion and Conclusion: Due to the direct relation of the contextual factors with economics and politics, they have the most impact on knowledge commercialization at Isfahan University. Likewise, the content factors due to their relationship with knowledge quality and human skills are considered in the second priority. Among the indexes, the index of developing and promotion of the commercialization culture, processing of results for different purposes, and also focusing and considering the needs of the market and the customer had the highest importance. Therefore, culturalization, the use of research results in different dimensions, and moving toward meeting the needs of diverse customers can help the process of knowledge commercialization Isfahan University.



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