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Winter 12-1-2018


I am submittin the paper Entitled "Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR - India) Institutes Website: A Webometric Analysis" your internationaly reputed journal. I request you to kindly consider the same.


The term ‘webometrics’ was coined for the quantitative analysis of web – related phenomena, content analysis, including links, search engine performances and web technology analysis from an information science perspective. This paper explored into the webometric study of web sites of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) institutions in India. There are 41 CSIR research institutions in India. The study aimed at to establish a kind of ranking of websites of CSIR institutions in India by measuring their WIF. The study of the ranking will help the reader to compare and identify CSIR institutions websites in India by their WIF. The objectives of the study includes, To identify and classify the domain of CSIR institutes’ websites in India; To calculate the Number of WebPages, Number of link pages, Number of self link pages and external link pages of CSIR institutes’ websites in India; To calculate the Simple Web Impact Factor (WIF), Self link Web Impact Factor, External Web Impact factor and Revised Web Impact Factor of CSIR institutes’’ websites in India and rank them as per the WIF and To analyse the link network of the CSIR websites in India. Four types of links and Web Impact Factors are formulated as The Simple WIF, the ratio of all links to the number of pages; The Self Link WIF, the ratio of self links within the site to number of pages; The external WIF, the ratio of links made from external sites to the target site, to the number of pages at the site ;The Revised WIF, and the ratio of links made incoming from other sites.