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The need for peace in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized as the country has been suffering from the consequences of various degrees of conflict at various times in our history as a nation. Peace education initiative is seen as a welcomed development in both peacebuilding and maintenance. This paper, therefore, intends to discuss the roles of libraries towards promoting peace education in Nigeria. This paper reviewed literature on library, peace, and peace education, it also discussed the types and contents of peace education and then discussed the roles libraries should play in promoting peace education which includes support for education, provision of access to information, teaching of information literacy and study skills, outreach programmes (organizing seminars, talks, road shows, exhibitions etc,). The paper also looked at some challenges which also include poor funding, high illiteracy rate and poor reading culture. The value of this paper is in its identification and discussion of the views and position on the concepts of library, peace and peace education and a breakdown of the types and content of peace education. The paper is expected to aid those in the quest for knowledge and help create synergy between peace scholars and libraries and librarians.