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The paper espouse the fact that paper pen test (PPT) is slowly replaced by computer base test (CBT) introduced over five decades ago in most tertiary institutions. It itemized the benefits and challenges of CBT. The focus is to assess the performance of students of LIS in a Nigerian university who pioneered the project. Factoring incorporated courses, necessity for the incorporation of CBT, influence of CBT on student performance and the challenges of CBT on these students performance anchored the thrust of the paper. The study was quantitative; questionnaire was used to collect data that is guided by the objective of the study. A total of 267 students participated. The study revealed that CBT incorporation is still at pilot level and that the pencil pen test stills prevails in the study area, however, since CBT incorporation, it has put to rest the claim that drudgery was one of the reasons for its utilization. Results show that its incorporation has encouraged students to be thorough and improve their technical skills. Challenges hinges on funding of the project, training of personnel and students must be prioritized for sustainability.



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