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Spring 2019


Dear sir,

I am submitting a paper entitled-"Authorship and Collaboration Pattern in SRELS Journal of Information Management during 2008-2017: An Evaluation" for Publication in LPP.

This paper deals with authorship analysis and collaboration pattern, Collaboration Index, collaboration coefficient and Modified Collaboration Coefficient in publications of SRELS journals- A leading journal of India in LIS Field.

The methodology and Finding of study will help the LIS professionals to conduct such study with other leading journal.

Therefore you are requested to kindly accept this paper for publication in LPP,


The present study is an evaluation of authorship and collaboration pattern in SRELS Journal of Information Management during 2008-2017. Total 578 articles published during the study period out of which 196 articles are published by single author and rest 386 articles are published by two or more than two authors. It is clear from the study that multiple authorship pattern is prominent in the journal. In the study it has been counted that the average collaboration index is 1.86, average collaboration coefficient is 0.36, average degree of collaboration is 0.66, average relative growth rate is 0.32 and average doubling time is 3.40 during 2008-2017. The highest activity index for India is counted in the year 2009 and lowest activity index is counted in the year 2013