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Web of Science is a major citation database which provides access to the world’s leading scholarly literature. The University of Goa is the only premier higher education institutes which cater to the educational needs of the Goa. The present study evaluates the research productivity of University of Goa-based on the data collected from Web of Science over a period of ten years from 2008 to 2017. This article studied the publication pattern, trend, collaboration with different organizations, institutions, R&D Centres and different nations. Top funding agencies in Science and Technology field research performance of faculty members of Goa University in the last ten years. 1218 articles including 497 international collaborated articles with an increasing growth rate during the study period. Analysis revealed that the Current Science journal is the most preferred journal among Goa University faculty members. It has been found that 315 (25.86%) publications belong to Chemistry subject. It is clear that the relative growth rate of total research output is decreased gradually. The growth rate is 0.84 in 2009 and which decreased up to 0.15 in the year 2017. It is observed that the SJR and h-Index are the highest for the journal ‘Fungal Diversity’. It is suggested to get more international funding by collaborating with more and more authors, universities and R&D centers.



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