Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln




The library profession is one that serves the educational system of any nation, therefore both the educational and library systems must be in nexus if effective and efficient formulation and implementation of policies will be established. The impact of the library can be felt at all levels in the education sector, starting from the grass root, that is, School libraries in primary and secondary schools to the Academic libraries in the tertiary institutions. Hence the importance of the library in the educational development of a country cannot be over-estimated.

The library policy objectives have not been difficult to identify yet elements of the most authoritative of all, that is, National Policy of Education (NPE); which were approved on recommendations by the Federal Ministry of Education (FME) is grossly non-implemented. This paper is a position paper which reviews the aims of the NPE and the roles librarians play in its implementation. The issues to be critically analyzed are the national policy on education, the roles of librarians in its implementation, school library establishment, inspection and administration.