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This study aims to carry out a bibliometric evaluation of articles published in Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PJPS) from 2006 to 2015. Bibliometric study determines publication pattern and identifies research trends in a field.


All articles published in PJPS during ten years were analysed using MS Excel.


A total of 951 authors contributed 1172 articles to PJPS from 2006 to 2015. Eighty-six percent authors contributed only one article each. M. Saeed Arayne and Najma Sultana were the leading principal authors with 18 and 10 articles respectively. Ninety-seven percent articles were written by more than one author. Most of the first authors (47%) were from Pakistan followed by authors from India (11%), China (6%) and Iran (5%). The host institution (University of Karachi) and province (Sindh) are ranked first in term of the contribution. The average number of citations per article was 28.67% and the average length of the articles was 6.34 pages.


Only principal authors (first authors) were considered for the most dynamic authors, most productive institutions, geographical distribution of contributors and origin of authors within Pakistan.

Practical implications

An awareness program is needed for the faculty/researcher belonging to less contributing area i.e. Baluchistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Also signing of MoUs with foreign universities will enhance contribution from abroad.


The result of this study will help in designing/planning a policy/procedure for a pharmaceutical journal and a support to understand the state of pharmaceutical research in Pakistan.



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