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globalization and the imperative of national information policy in nigeria

augonus nnamdi uhegbu, abia state university,uturu

Document Type Article


Abstract The paper focuses on the need for a national information policy in Nigeria in the face of globalization. The paper is not anti-globalization, but believes that although globalization facilitates global access to information and its generating media, it also has the potential of exposing Nigerians to obscene information materials, and of dumping unwholesome, improperly packaged and substandard information resources in the country. The conceptual explanation of both globalization and information policy is discussed. Also discussed is Nigeria’s contemporary information environment, which this paper sees as highly risky, volatile and uncoordinated. The paper argues that with national information policy, globalization will no longer pose a threat to the nation’s library and information sector, because information policy will ensure proper information management, resources packaging, acquisition of the right library and information media, proper organization of the nation’s library and information sector, development of library and information infrastructure and active interlibrary cooperation.