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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has changed the landscape of various institutions of learning. This study is on the impact of ICT on the study habit of students of Iganmode Grammar School Ota. The research revealed a positive significant relationship between the use of ICT and improved study habits of students. However, the work discovered that the available facilities are not sufficient for the students. A total of 156(32.7%) of the total respondents engage ICT for reading various materials through the internet while 152 (31.9%) use it to compare lesson notes. Others use it to send mails, chat, etc. (85.3%) of the respondents maintained that it elongates their attention span. Other benefits include improvement on students’ understanding and increased access to information. In spite of the importance of Information and Communication Technology, the work discovered that less than (50%) of the respondents have participated in ICT skill acquisition programmes. The findings equally highlighted some challenges hindering students’ effective use of ICT, among which are staff attitude, power failure, ICT phobia among others. The study therefore recommended that the Management of Iganmode Grammar school and the Ogun State Government should upgrade ICT facilities in the school, students should be trained to acquire ICT skills while the staff in charge of ICT laboratory need develop a positive attitude towards handling students.