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Summer 11-23-2018


This study investigated the extent of librarians’ application of copyright laws in digitization of academic library resources in University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Five research objectives guided the study. The research design adopted for this study was a descriptive survey. The total population for this study was seventeen (17) library staff involved in digital library practices. As a result of the concise population, there was no sampling. The instrument for data collection was questionnaire. A total of seventeen questionnaires were distributed and distribution recorded a 100% return rate. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistical tools (frequency tables and mean scores). From the analysis, the findings revealed that the librarians were highly informed on the concept of copyright laws, it provisions, coverage and limits. And that the librarians in the institution under study sufficiently aware and apply the provisions of the copyright laws in the course of carrying out the digitization of their information resources. The result further shows the challenges posed by copyright to the digitization of library resources to include High cost involved in the transfer of copyright from the publishers/authors to the library for digitization purposes, Intellectual property rights delimits reproduction of copyrighted works in any format which includes library digitization practices and Inability to contact publishers/author for permission on library digitization services, etc. The study concluded that about 80% of the challenges to digitization of library resources are self-culminated. This no doubt is not unconnected with the significant dearth in the knowledge of the rudiments of copyright law; the success of digitization projects in different institutions and the subsequent legal proceedings/ruling on matters relating to the digitization of library resources. To ensure that the meticulous efforts put by librarians vis-à-vis digitization of library resources, it is pertinent that the stakeholders (the library, copyright owners and technological companies) reaches a consensus.



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