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Odunola, O. A.

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomoso, Nigeria


This study investigated automated cataloguing system in academic libraries in selected higher institutions in Oyo State Nigeria. The population of the study covered all the forty one (41) professional and para-professional cataloguers working in the cataloguing section. Total enumeration technique was used for data collection. Questionnaire was distributed to all the cataloguers in the selected institutions. Descriptive statistics was used to analysed the data collected. The result of the study revealed that automated cataloguing system saves time taking to catalogue information materials in the libraries. The result of the study also revealed that the selected institutions did not share resources among themselves. The finding of the study revealed that automated cataloguing system made cataloguing of information materials in the libraries faster. Therefore, the study concluded that automated cataloguing system in institutions’ libraries is a desirable one. Hence, the study recommended that in addition to cataloguing section, all other sections in the libraries be automated and provision of information technology tools needed for effective system be made available in the libraries.



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