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This paper analyses various bibliometric dimensions of the journal literature such as authors’ productivity, geographical distribution, citation pattern, institution-wise distribution of articles, discipline-wise distributions of articles, productive institutions, Productivity Index (PI), Activity Index (AI), Domestic Collaborative Index (DCI) and International Collaborative Index (ICI) etc. It also explores the applicability of Lotka’s Inverse Square Law and Zipf’s Law to examine the observed rank – frequency pattern of Keywords and Subject Terms of Information Systems (IS) literature. To illustrate these bibliometric indicators pertinent information on the field of Information Systems (IS) collected from EBSCO database for the International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems (IJCIS). Results indicated that a high level of collaboration exists among the authors, USA occupies the dominant position in terms of high productive authors, institutions and tops the list with highest number of domestic collaboration. Authors’ productivity confirms to Lotka’s law and the Frequency distribution of both Subject Terms and Keywords in IJCIS journal literature follow Zipf’s distribution.



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