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Winter 12-11-2018

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Philip Chike Aghadiuno

Simon Shacia Oryila


The digital age is the age of opportunities and challenges. New jobs are created, old ones are lost; some jobs hitherto done manually are now replaced by modern technologies; and many workers who lack the digital literacy to function in the new environments are phased out. Professionals in many fields are now forced to acquire new knowledge and skills or expand existing ones to remain useful in their fields or careers. With the biting effects of unemployment in Nigeria, there is the need for a deliberate policy to encourage entrepreneurial education to make library professionals and graduates of English in Nigeria to be self-employed and self- reliant. It is in the light of this that this paper sets out to examine the need for the development of a functional editing unit or services within Library and Information Science (LIS) or as a course of study on its own so as to inculcate in Library graduates and graduates of English the professional knowledge, skills and practice of manuscript editing for clients to enhance their financial status, national growth and development.