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The SRELS Journal of Information Management has been playing vital role in the library and information science field since last fifty years. This paper presents the results of a bibliometric study of articles with a gender viewpoint from 2007-2017. The aim of the study is to examine the journal during the period 2007-2017 using bibliometric indicators with a gender perspective. The pattern of research output in 606 publications is analyzed in which 435(71.78%) articles are contributed by male authors and 171(28.21%) by female authors. The degree of collaboration in the publications of the journal is 0.66. Most of the articles i.e. (52.31%) are two authored articles. The male and female distribution by professional category indicates large number of contributing authors belonged to non-teaching category i.e. 389 out of which 292 (67.12%) are male authors and 97 (56.72%) female authors. Maximum number i.e. 222 (36.6%) contributions are under male-male authorship pattern followed by 153(25.2%) male solo papers. Citation study showed that 120 cited articles received 215 citations. Male authors contributed maximum number of articles in the subject category “bibliometrics analysis” whereas females authored large number of articles on the topic “use studies”. Overall research productivity of male LIS professionals is higher than female authors.



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