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Winter 12-24-2018


The developments in information and communication technologies (ICT) and their subsequent absorption in library and information science (LIS) have forced information professionals to change the way they are functioning at present. Because of their popularity with the users, an overwhelming attention is being given to the web-based information services in libraries .The web 2.0 technologies have rapidly gained huge popularity and as such, the university libraries, being the heart of the highest seats of learning, need to equip themselves with all the possible web based, i.e. web 2.0 and allied services. The present study made an endeavour to study the various web 2.0 and allied web based services offered by select university libraries of BRICS nations. This study shows that the web based services in the university libraries of BRICS nations are quite better. The findings show that India and china universities are far behind as compared to Brazil, Russia and South Africa in employability of web 2.0 tools in libraries