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Winter 1-6-2019


This study has made an attempt to examine the use and impact of electronic resources particularly electronic journals or e-journals among the user community of Periyar University at Salem. Periyar University Central Library subscribes a number of online journals to meet the information needs of its users such as faculty members, post graduate students and research scholars etc. The results showed that the maximum number of respondents was female with 58.33 percent whereas the minimum number of respondents was male. The highest number of age group is between 21-30 ages. The majority of users (40.38%) was postgraduate students and ranked first. Most of the respondents (47.44%) were preferred to access electronic journals whereas 19.87% of the respondents preferred print format, and 32.69% of the respondents preferred both forms of journals. It was found that the majority of respondents (40.39%) were using the central library to access online journals by weekly.



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