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A Quantitative study of research papers published in Synthetic Fiber Research from 2008-2017 was undertaken to investigate the research output in this field. The study made by applying various parameters for capturing the trend-growth pattern of the literature, Relative Growth Rate, Doubling Time, authorship pattern, Prolific author and Top ranking Journals etc., The data were obtained from scopus database. Articles published from 2008 – 2017 were taken for this study. A total of 2594 articles were published in this field with an yearly average of 259.4 articles. . Out of the 2594 articles, the majority of the articles 421 (16.23%) were published in the year 2017. The RGR in the year 2009 found to be 2.05 and in the end year 2017 found to be 0.12. This shows that the RGR declining trend is linear. Among the Authorship patterns, the major contribution of articles were from three authors 534 (20.59%). The Journal named “Advanced Materials Research” ranked in the top position in contributing articles 59 (2.28%) in this field. The highly prolific author is Monteiro S.N who has contributed 41 articles 0.47 %.