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Winter 12-30-2018

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Abstract: Web Impact Factor (WIF), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking improve the visibility of a website’s presence in online environment. The present study predominantly focuses on the WIFs of the Indian banking websites. On the basis of SEO (search engine optimization) effort has been made to measure the usability, performance, security of the websites, used headings, usage of images and alt tags, linking with social networking sites as well as to count the backlinks, page size, load time, request, traffic score, SEO score and speed score. Popularity ranking of the selected bank websites has also been done. Calculating three types of web impact factors it has been found that among the nationalised banks Indian Bank (IB) holds the numero uno status while among the private banks Lakshmi Vilas Bank Limited (LVB) holds the number one rank. On the basis of usability though nationalised banks enjoy better grades than their private counterparts, regarding SEO, performance and social linking private banks achieve higher grades. In the matter of security all the nationalised and private banks maintain grade A (including A+ and A-) security. Regarding ranking of websites Canara Bank holds the best global and Indian rank. Among the private banks HDFC Bank Limited holds the best global and Indian ranks.