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Mbagwu, F. C., Okoye, I.B., Umunnakwe, G.C. (2019). Oral health disease and library service delivery among library staff of the universities in Nigeria. L.P.P.


This study investigated oral health disease (OHD) and its effect on the library service delivery in the Federal Universities in South East, Nigeria. Descriptive survey design was employed. All the library staff (353) was used for this study. Questionnaire was used to elicit data from the library staff. Frequency and simple percentages were used to analyse data on the bio-data and data on the OHD status of library staff. Descriptive statistical techniques such as mean and standard deviation were used to analyse data on research questions 2-5. Regression analysis was used to test one null hypothesis formulated which was tested for significance at 0.05. The findings showed that the OHD has a significance effect on the productivity of library staff at an alpha value of (0.003). Major findings showed that many library personnel suffer from OHD. Again, some do not know all the causes and preventive measures of OHD even though almost all those affected agreed that OHD affect their general well being and productivity. Based on the findings the following recommendations were proffered: Library staff should read widely on OHD and attend health conferences and workshops to get themselves abreast of causes and preventive measures to avoid OHD. Library staff should be conscious on how to care and store their toothbrushes and also be aware of the techniques in drinking acidic beverages so as not to be affected by OHD. Again, library management should try to close the gap immediately any section of the library that lack staff as a result of OHD by way of staff redeployment.



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