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Winter 1-11-2019

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Stanley E. S, Eserada R. E, Ugboh N. P, and Ngboh D. L (2019) Collections and Collection Development Exercise in Libraries: A Perspective in View


This paper examines what collection is all about and the concept collection development exercise in libraries stating the methods used in actualizing the collection development which are community need assessment, selection, and placing order, receiving/checking. This study also outlines some procedures for acquiring information resources in the collection development department which are: purchase, exchange, legal deposit, gift/donation, subscription, photocopies, inter-library loan and weeding. It also states some problems associated with the collection development department as: relegation of the library to the background; poor numeration of the library staff; glory driven consciousness of the library staff; lack of required information resources and lack of financial resources. This paper pointed out some relevant impact that collection development department can accrue to any of the libraries practicing it. The study thus concluded by proffering some recommendations that will help to make the library and the collection development department vibrant.