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Winter 1-16-2019


Purpose: Query suggestions are contributive in formulating queries and improving search results on the Web. This tool is used in most search and retrieval systems like the search engines, databases, personal search tools and so on. The factors affecting the use of query suggestions by the users from the perspective of experts are identified.

Methodology: First, a number of factors are identified through the documentary methodology, and next the significance of each factor is determined through the fuzzy Delphi method here.

Findings: A total of 48 factor is extracted from the available literature view and is classified into 13 categories of demographic characteristics, search experience, domain knowledge and expertise, linguistic features, user's query, creativity creation, psychological and cognitional, source of creation of query suggestions, contextual factors, semantic features of query suggestions, structural characteristics of query suggestions, increasing the user's performance and ease of use. To assess the importance of these factors eight factors are eliminated and 40 factors are identified as the final factors affecting the use of query suggestions through Fuzzy Delphi method.

Research limitations/implications:The results of this research can be used to present a structural-interpretation model in which the most important factor is identified through the view of the experts.

Originality/Value: The results obtained in this study will assist researchers and designers of search tools to apply the knowledge gained from effective factors in providing algorithms for query suggestions in their search tools. The factors extracted in this study are fundamental and basic which researchers can use when examining the performance and status of the query suggestion of each search tool.



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