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A scientometric study has been conducted on the literature published on osteoporosis in children during the year 1950-2018. From the total literature 4837, it was found that during 2011-15, the maximum (855, 17.69%) of literatures were published and the minimum 7(0.145%) during 1950-55. The study has been done for authorship pattern and they are ranked. Journals are also ranked as per the number of articles published. The Language wise contribution was also calculated and found that the maximum articles were on English language, seconded by German, etc. United Nation contributed the maximum number of (1817) articles. The Relative Growth Rate has been increasing from 1956-60 (.43) to 2016-18 (1.97) in the span of 68 years. The doubling time has decreasing year by year. Doubling time decreases from 1.61 during 1956-60 to 0.35 in the time period 2016-18. Scientometric study unfolds all details related to Osteoporosis which may be helpful for researchers and librarians.