Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Fall 1-17-2019


Background: Library collaboration is an undeniable thing to do, primarily to deal with changes in a very dynamic academic environment.

Objective: This study aims to identify library collaboration in dealing with changes in the academic environment in university libraries in Indonesia which is required to improve competitiveness with the limited resources available.

Method: This study used a quantitative approach with descriptive methods and the data collection was done by conducting a survey by distributing questionnaires distributed at 37 University Libraries in Indonesia.

Result: The study shows the results that 81% of university libraries in Indonesia have had a collaboration which is carried out with units within one university and units outside the external university and this collaboration can improve the communication, image and roles of libraries to deal with changes in the academic environment and the demands of quality graduates. The most common form of collaboration is with the Information Technology Unit at 26.5%, and with this type of collaboration in providing access to the collection at 25.2%. The existing collaboration, however, has not been evaluated to measure the effectiveness of this collaboration.

Contribution: The awareness of collaboration between university libraries can be an important capital for further mutually beneficial collaboration schemes to deal with changes in the dynamic academic environment.