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Winter 1-17-2019


This study discussed about Intan Special Library organization communication climate in terms of information flow and five dimensions of the communication climate namely support, decision making participation, openness, trust, and high performance goals. The purpose of this research was to understand and provide an overview of the communication climate of Intan Special Library and what factors influenced the climate formation. This research used qualitative approach with case study method. The results of this study indicated that the communication climate formed in the Intan library was a climate of communication that was not supportive / negative because it was dominated by the flow of “down information” (communication of superiors to subordinates). “Top-down” decision making caused employees to feel neglected. This situation was caused by communication in library management was a hierarchical relationship between superiors and subordinates. In addition, the existence of interests at echelon I level made policies that were not in accordance with the library staff’s duties, that were car wash pickets and additional duties as a driver. This leads to feel of under-appreciation and did not feel considered to be important person to the organization.



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