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Bibliometric Review of Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Research Journal: 2011-2018

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Aim: The aim of this study is to evaluate the bibliometric indicators of articles published in Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Research Journal (MUETRJ) during the period of 2011-18.

Methodology: The data of publications published in MUETAJ was downloaded from website of e-journal and analyzed various bibliometric attributes during July 2017 to 15th January 2018. The pattern of authorship, gender-wise distribution of first author, page-length of articles and institutional affiliation of the first author of publications were calculated and analyzed. Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet was prepared for data analysis.

Results: Total 582 articles published in 32 issues of 8 volumes during the projected period with average of 18.1% articles per issue and 72.75 articles per year. Total 1777 authors contributed with an average of 3 authors per article in MUETRJ. A gender-wise distribution showed that number of male authors were much higher (n=1551; 87.2%) as compare to females authors (n=226; 12.7%). A majority of articles were written by multi-authored (n=570; 97.3%) as opposite to single author (n=12; 2%). Most the articles (n=140; 24%) have 10 pages length followed by 8 pages length (n=136; 23.7%). It was observed that Mehran University of Engineering & Technology presented itself as major contributor with 258 articles (44.3%).

Conclusion: The participation of 96 national and international institutes related to engineering and technological sciences in publishing research papers shows their confidence in MUETRJ.

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