Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Summer 3-1-2019


The perceptions of the librarians reveal the entire functioning of the library. The quality of the library is being measured with collection building, services and other routines of the library. Printed documents are considered as important documents in the Arts and Science College libraries to support the teaching and learning in the college even though the electronic resources are enormously available in the Internet. The printed documents deteriorated due to various reasons. One of the roles of the college librarian is to preserve those and keep them available in usable condition for the present and future generations to know the heritage of the country. To know the perception of the librarians, a structured questionnaire was prepared and distributed among the 29 Aided College Librarians and 25 filled-in questionnaires were received and analysed. The study reveals that 92% of the librarians opine that preservation of the documents is necessary. Age of the documents and bad shelving are the two factors ranked first and second respectively, as causing deterioration.