Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Purpose: This paper tries to investigate the rejuvenation of the children's section of public libraries in Kermanshah province (Iran) to increase the attraction of the users.

Design/methodology/approach: The present study is a survey and has been conducted using cause and effect approach. A structured questionnaire was selected which validity and reliability were confirmed. The population included 3557 who were in the range of 6 to 13 years in the library of the studied area. The sample was 347 and using simple random method. Data analysis was performed using descriptive statistics including frequency, frequency percent, mean, variance, skewness, elongation and inferential statistics including simple linear regression.

Findings: With regard to the descriptive findings of the study, the mean scores of "attracting users", "feeling of safe" and security", "environmental trim", "environmental factors" and "service sector" variables of the studied libraries are medium and upward, which means that the score of most respondents to the questionnaire is higher than the average. Moreover, the average of the living space of the surveyed libraries is moderate and it showed that the score of most respondents to the questionnaires is less than the mean.

Results: The results of this study showed that there is a direct and significant relationship between feeling of security, library trimming, environmental factors and living and services spaces by attracting users of the library. The results of the study also indicated that the studied libraries are in a moderate situation and are far from the ideal rejuvenation library.



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