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Summer 5-9-2019


ICT- led developments have created new opportunities and challenges for libraries in creation, promotion, dissemination and storage of information. Engineering College libraries are nowadays using the web environment to provide high-quality information for their users, mostly in digital format. The current study investigates and presents the content analysis of Goa University affiliated engineering college library websites in Goa. The data was collected from the websites of the concerned engineering college libraries through a checklist prepared for this purpose. The websites of the libraries were thoroughly scanned and analyzed, based on the analysis we have ranked them. The main purpose of this paper is to guide the librarians in improving their library websites. There is a need to design and develop a unique type of library websites containing resources and services of their individual libraries and also providing links to other IIT libraries. This article gives a detailed account of the study and offers suggestions for developing and managing better library websites.



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