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This paper describes results of a scientometric study of “Robotics” research publications during the period of 10 years i.e. (2009-2018). The raw data was collected from leading citation database i.e. Scopus. The study examines and analysis various scientometrics parameter and after the analysis it has been found that the out of total 4325 research paper, the highest documents were published in 2018 i.e. 791 (18.29%) while the minimum 134 (3.1%) of research papers were found in the year 2009 and the annual growth rate of publications was in fluctuating trends. The maximum (1.23) relative growth rate was found in 2010; the highest doubling time (3.43) was recorded in 2018; the maximum papers were written by more than three authors i.e. 1657 research papers. The average degree of author’s collaborations was (0.93). Krishna, K.M. was the most productive author with (51) research papers contribution. Out of a total 16670 citations, 2718 citations were recorded in 2010 and a total 4325 publications, 2704 (62.52%) of records were conference paper. The highest publications came from computer science subject and the highest publications were published in ACM international conference proceeding series while the maximum 2508 ‘Robotics keyword was used by the authors during the period of study.



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