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This paper examined, and reported the cultural influence, on health information seeking behavior, among rural dwellers, in Atakumosa West Local Government Area of the State of Osun. The article investigated cultural practices and their effects on information seeking behavior of rural dwellers and it aimed at highlighting the available strategies of meeting the health information seeking behavior of rural dwellers as demanded by their health information needs. The presentation started with introduction; followed by definition of culture, nature of rural dwellers and the area of study, cultural practices and their influence on information seeking behavior, and the ways of meeting the health information needs, as dictated by the seeking behavior of rural dwellers, were comprehensively dealt with, in this article.

Literature studies have been conducted to determine the nature of influence, some cultural practices have on health information seeking behavior of rural dwellers. And an in-depth study with field visits provided information on real-life practices. A qualitative analysis and theoretical discussion have been carried out to match evidences from case studies and field visits with evidence in the literature.

The review underlined cultural factors, influencing information seeking behavior of rural dwellers. It also explored how health information managers can improve their services to meet health information needs of rural dwellers based on their health information seeking behavior, which is usually predetermined by their health information needs.

In conclusion, Health information services should be designed to identify and maintain contact with constituents, having variety of health information needs. These needs, direct their seeking behavior for specific health information, and health information managers should identify those health information needs, that impact the individual, group, and the community’s health; so that relevant health information can be located, accessed, and made available to rural dwellers, with diverse groups and interests.



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