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This Paper is an attempt to ascertain the reading habit among VI students in different departments of University of Karachi. It is not only useful for the provision of information resources to the VI students but also for acquiring facilities for VI students. For collecting necessary data Research guide designed and interviews were conducted with VI students. Qualitative approach is used for the analysis of data. It can be concluded that reading is popular habits among VI students. They are not only read fiction book but also current affairs, Entrance Examination and Competitive examination books. Students give preference to those books which are directly or indirectly related to the subject in which they study. They prefered Urdu language for reading but they read in different languages such as English and Arabic. They use braille for reading but some of them are not having knowledge of braile. They face different problems while reading such as unavailability of books and their translations. Deficiency of audio books and unavailability of helper in library. The technologies help them to overcome the problems in reading.



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