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Summer 5-6-2019


Due to the major role of research in the sustainable development of countries all around the world, mapping the scientific production must be designed according to indexed in databases. The purpose of the present study is to analyze Iranian literature on the field of social networks in comparison with the same studies to cross the Middle East and the world level. This is research is a descriptive study. A total of 123,609 documents indexed pertained to this topic were processed from 1970 to the end of 2017 indexed in the Scopus database. Excel software was used to analyze the data. Different study types, characterized by years, city/country of origin, journals and more productive authors, the ratio cooperation between them by country and institutions, cites and H index. Data was collected and analyzed in Microsoft Excel software. The finding showed that United States was the highest producer (% 29.74), followed by China (%11.85) and Iran ranked 31th among the countries of the world and also 3rd among the Middle East countries (H index=23). Although the ratio of scientific production in bibliographical databases, particularly regional, is still relatively impressive then it is necessary to promote more research on it.