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This is the original publication of the above said authors. It is not published earlier in any of the journals.


This paper presents a bibliometric study of the journal "Veterinary World" during the year 2008-2017. The year wise distribution of papers, authorship pattern, institution-wise distribution, length of the papers, type of the document published, international authored contributions and citation etc., of the journal have been taken for this study. The total number of documents published during the period has been 1954 and they have been pulled out from Scopus database. The highest number of publications registered in 2016 (250 articles, 12.79%) and the lowest was in 2008 (132 articles, 6.76%). The annual average growth rate of 7.32% and the highest growth rate are in the year 2013 with 51.70%. The degree of collaboration is 0.97 and out of a total 1954 articles 1890 (96.72%) are joint authored publications and only 64 (3.28%) are single author contribution. Indian researchers have contributed 72.62 percentages during the period.



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