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The pursuit of effective information systems and services use in the public sector will necessitate enormous investments by public and private sectors in physical infrastructure, equipment, and training as well as a substantial planning and implementation effort (UN, 1985). It is important that these investments and efforts be guided by a well- structured and understood strategy which establishes priorities and an action plan for the short, medium and long term. Information system is a potentially powerful tool within a dynamic organizational structure. Information services refer to the act of providing processed or published information on specific topics to an organization's internal users, its customers, or the general public. This paper creates awareness of the role of government in the provision of the information systems and services needed for individuals in the society to embrace the great potential of social and economic development attached to an information society. The paper found out that the government has a major role in ensuring that information is available and accessible to every citizen of the country and that the use and sharing of this information and technology should be regulated for fairness. This paper provides the government with information on roles expected from them in the provision of information system and services to make available, broaden access to and utilize ICTs in various public sectors. It also provides some workable information policies and proactive approaches that could help the government undertake this role efficiently. It concludes by making recommendations on roles the government need to play in providing the information systems and services needed to encourage citizen’s participation in the information society.