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Summer 3-26-2019


This study investigated the extent perception predicts social media utilization by librarians in universities in Southern Nigeria. The correlational survey design was adopted. The study was built on some elements of TAM. The population comprised a total of 174 professional librarians in universities in Southern Nigeria. Total enumeration technique was used to sample the 174 professional librarians in the libraries. The questionnaire was used for collecting data. Pearson r and R2 was used to answer the research questions, while the null hypotheses were tested with linear regression analysis at 0.05 level of significance. It was found that perceived ease of use predicted social media utilization to a moderate level (R2 = 0.29); it was further found that perceived ease of use significantly predicts social media utilization (sig. 0.00 = 0.05). Also, perceived usefulness predicted social media use by the librarians to a little extent (R2 =0.11), however, perceived usefulness does not significantly predict social media use (Sig. 0.484 = 0.05). The findings imply that the aspect of perception that predict utilization of social media relates only to technical elements of social media. The study recommended that the library administrators should train the librarians on the technical aspects of social media.