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In the present time, the World Wide Web (WWW) is one of the main platforms for every forum who wants to be recognized on in the ‘factual world’. At the academic level, universities have to play significant part for communicating scientific and cultural achievements. Publication by scholars of the institutions on the internet I snot only a tool for scholarly communication but it is also a way to reach larger audiences and thus represents the performance of the institutions globally. Thus, there have been numerous endeavours to develop the web indicators that can eventually lead to build a university’s rankings (Aguillo, Ortega & Fernandez, 2008). In this milieu, the Web Ranking of Universities originally aims at promoting Web publications. The Webometrics ranking is not only centralized towards scholarly output but also in other indicators which may reflect better global quality of scholars and presence of research institutions worldwide. The present study made an attempt to explore the top universities of SAARC nations in order to find out their performance, web-presence and impact. It has been observed from the study that Indian universities are performing better than other SAARC nation universities in terms of average world rank, continental rank, impact rank and openness rank while as Pakistan outpace in terms of average presence rank. This indicates that Indian universities have better scholarly output though Pakistan universities are more visible on the WWW.



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