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Spring 3-25-2019


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With regardsDear sir,

I am submitting a paper entitled-"Mapping the Research Publications Pattern of Faculties of Library and Information Science Department, Mizoram University, Aizawl From 2008-2017: A Bibliometric Study" for publication in current issue of this journal. The present paper is a bibliometric study of research out of faculty members of Library and Information Science Department, Mizoram University( a central university). This research has a lot of value and importance because on the same methodology, the other researchers can conduct the same kind of study in their respective institutes. Thus you are requested to kindly accept my this paper for publication in your journal.

With regards


The paper focuses on the mapping of library and information science research publication output of the faculty member of the department of library and information science (DLIS), Mizoram University (MZU) during the period of ten years i.e. (2008-2017). The detailed curriculum vitae of faculty members of DLIS were obtained and bibliographic information of their papers was recorded. The study deals with 279 publications of DLIS, MZU. The present study examines and analysis that the DLIS output by different patterns such as the form of publication, the relative growth rate of publications, doubling time for publications, annual growth rate (AGR) of the publications and compound AGR of publications during the period of study.



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