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Summer 4-15-2019


A scientometric assessment of the scientific publications has been considered in this analysis by examining annual growth rate of publications, collaborative countries, and territories, preferred subject areas and research work, prolific organizations and institutions and top-ranked journals and highly productive papers etc. This paper focuses on the literature growth and development in Nanotechnology in Canada as reflected in the web of science data database. During the period between 1994 and 2014, a total 576 scientific research papers along with cited references are 34955 were published in the field in Canada. The average number of literature output were published per year was 33.88 and the greatest number of publications were published in 2013 and 2014 respectively a total number of authors 2213 were identified and the maximum number of authors i.e. 364 and the mean value of 4.77 were in the year 2014. Out of 15804 citations, the greatest number of 2791 citations in the year 2008 (52 papers, 23 h-index) and highest average citation per paper were 60.74 in the year 2007. From this study, researchers, scientists, subject specialists, students, administrators, policy makers, academicians, Library and Information Science professionals, and faculty members will be benefited due to the scientific and effective investigation.



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