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Summer 6-1-2019


Scientometric studies are used to identify the trends in the pattern of publication, authorship, collaboration in research, author productivity, the scattering of literature and core journals over a period of time and thereby offering insight into the dynamics of the area under study. The main objective of the growth of literature on Gene Cloning is to examine the pattern of publication output in Gene Cloning literature during the study period, to identify and analyze the production of Gene Cloning literature output and to assess the extent of research carried out in India on Gene Cloning Research. This study is confined to the literature covered in the MEDLINE bibliographic database covering the period from 2001-2015. There is a gradually decreasing trend of literature in the subject of study on a year wise basis. The Gene Cloning literature output has been grouped in 23 major sub-fields based on the selected database. There is a decreasing trend in the year wise RGR in the field of Gene Cloning research output. The Relative Growth rate (RGR) in the year 2001 is 0.66 which has been gradually decreased to 0.05 in 2015. However, the Doubling time (Dt) has shown an increasing trend. 96.58% represent two and more authors, which implies that collaborative research is evident in the Gene cloning research and it is the same in most of the scientific fields.