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Undergraduates’ Perception on information Services in Academic Libraries: an Evaluation of Reference Services Performed at Redeemer’s University Library

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This study investigated the perception of undergraduates on information services perform in academic libraries with special emphases on Redeemer’s University library. The study adopted the survey research design. The study population comprised of the undergraduate students in their second, third and fourth years in the university. 250 copies of questionnaire were administered to the respondents for data collection. 220 copies were returned and found useable for analysis. Findings revealed positive perception of the respondents on reference services performed by the library. It also revealed that reference services were occasionally sought by the respondents. The study made recommendations to improve the usage of reference services of the library based on the comments of the respondents to include: orientation and training to enable students adequately utilize reference services and materials, provision of current reference resources, staff improvement on communication skills, and the need for library management to strategize to ensure effective and efficient use of reference services and materials in the library among others.

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