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Inspite of the vital role ICTs play in University libraries, it is still difficult to have access to the required resources. In this regard, it is also difficult to determine the level of availability and utilization of ICT resources in the university library of Anambra State University. This research titled "Availability and Utilization of ICT Resources by undergraduate library users is therefore necessitated by the need to create records that will serve as empirical evidence of identified level of availability and utilization of the ICT resources in the library. To investigate this, exploratory survey research design was adopted, with questionnaire as the tool used for data collection. The questionnaire was constructed and validated in both content and face validity. The reliability of 0.96 was statistically determined by the use of kurdar Richardson correlation (KRCC) formular. The sample size of the study was 378 derived from proportionate and stratified sampling techniques. 378 copies of the questionnaire were distributed to the respondents and (370) were returned valid. The research tested one hypothesis using Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) and analyzed seven research questions using descriptive statistic (frequency tables and per cent ages). The findings of the work questionnaires showed positive relationship between availability and utilization of ICT resources. Findings of the research show that some ICT resources like computer, printer, scanning, machine, photocopiers. CD Rom Internet connectivity etc were available and that they used these resources under constraints of inadequacy, lack of ICT knowledge by the students, limited work stations, poor service delivery etc. to execute class assignments, research etc. The students did not derive full satisfactory services owing to these constraints. The research recommends the expansion of ICT facilities and adequate financial base, training of students on the use of ICT components, providing reliable power, placing the internet service on regular subscription and employing experienced digital librarian to man the ICT unit of the library.