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Respected Sir,

Kindly accept my research paper and consider to publish the same.


Dr. Tonmay Sabhapandit

Assistant Librarian

Assam Kaziranga University

Jorhat, Assam


The 21st century can be taken as the revolutionary age where ICT have been playing a major role in every sector. The library & information centre are not exception in such case. At this ICT age the Library and information centres are playing a major role in teaching and learning activities where students, researchers and teachers can explore the vast resources of information. The broad objective of the study is to investigate how university libraries in the state of Assam is negotiating the challenged brought forward by the contemporary information environment more particularly in the light of the opportunities in this era of Information Communication Technology (ICT). The increased attention towards the application of ICT in the libraries has change the scenario of the modern library and information services to the user community. This research paper is more specific, in that it focuses on ICT application and the developments in the university libraries of Assam. The researcher also tries to attempt to explore the trend of ICT application and implementation in the university libraries of Assam. It also discusses the trend in various categories along with the issues faced by the library professionals in their implementation.



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