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Information is a very essential component in research but it can only be used when provided with access. Researchers are overwhelmed with overflowing information and they are sometimes prone to plagiarized articles, predatory journals and fake news articles. Moreover, they experienced information explosion due to rapid developments of information and communications technologies. Thus, library researchers need to be informed with updated publications and other information resources. Librarians then should be more proactive in providing them access such as the current awareness services (CAS) which is one of the important library services for fast and easy retrieval and dissemination of information. Quantitative and qualitative methods of research were used to determine the level of effectiveness, reasons, and problems encountered in the current awareness services of Saint Mary’s University Learning Resource Center. Results revealed that the level of effectiveness on current awareness services was high because it was used to: 1) update users for the current information 2) provide quick information needed by the users 3) help researchers in the pursuit of their studies; and 4) provide awareness/assistance to the faculty and students. The problems encountered in the implementation of CAS were focused on up-to-dateness, regularity of postings, attractiveness and design, quality of information and location of the bulletin board; and design, up-to-dateness, quality of information, provision of copies of the library publications.