Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The field of higher education has witnessed a remarkable development both in terms of quantity and quality all over the world where libraries are playing a major role. Library collection is increasing at a regular pace both in physical and electronic forms. This research paper covers the universities and the institutes of national importance of Assam. This study highlights the growth and development of collection in the University libraries of Assam in terms of balance growth as indicated in the Ranganathan’s fifth law of Library Science. The study delved deep in to how to accommodate the ever growing collection. It is also an attempt to understand and observe the changing roles of Ranganathan’s fifth law of library science and how the law is put into practice pertaining to physical growth only limited to library collection. Besides, the research focuses on to show how Ranganathan’s Fifth law of Library Science still apply and relevant in terms of collection growth. These differences are at the center of what has changed the interpretations of the fifth law.



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