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Purpose – The paper intends to investigate and ascertain the contributions to the literature available about trends Collection & Collection Development Practices in University libraries.

Design/methodology/approach – A deep scan of literature was conducted to find substantial works that have been published regarding various facets related to Collection Development Practices in University libraries. In this regard diverse search terms like “Collection”, “Collection Development”, “Collection Management”, “Collection Development in University Libraries”, “Collection Development Polices”, “User need Assessment”, “Selection of information resources”, “Evaluation of collection” etc. were used for retrieving the literature from a variety of sources viz; books, print journals, online databases, search engines and akin web sources.

Findings – The literature review divulges that a substantial amount of literature has been published related to collection development practices in University libraries. In this milieu, the literature makes it quite evident that although collection and collection development practices in University libraries particularly in developing countries are progressively transforming yet majority of practices followed by university libraries are out-dated that needs to be replaced by novel and innovative practice to ensure hassle free provision of information to the user community.

Practical implications – It is apparent from the study of existing literature that there is still huge scope for progressive assessment on the subject and the study paves the way for the concerned organizations and institutions (like universities and libraries) at national as well international level to take substantial measures for enhancing the quality of their knowledge disseminating hubs i.e. libraries.

Originality/value – The paper is the first ordered and makes an endeavour to review the literature and provides a summary of emerging trends in Collection & Collection Development Practices in University libraries.

Paper type- Literature review



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