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Dear Editor,

Please I am writing this letter on behalf of my own self and compatriots in the academia as original authors of a certain article our attention has recently been drawn to and published by your outfit. The article is entitled:

The role of Institutional Repositories in making lost or hidden cultures accessible, a study across four African University Libraries (2018) and was authored by Andrew Watson Malekani and George Kavishe.

Please I wish to clearly state that the following names are the original authors of the article: Nasir Koranteng Asiedu, University for Development Studies, Ghana (; Molly Chikafa, Rhodes University, South Africa (, Happiness Michael-Onuoha, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria ( and Andrew Malekani, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania (

The published paper was a mini project carried out by the four of us (as detailed above), as part of a Carnegie CPD programme organized by the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 2017. We later found out this year that the paper has been published by our group member Andrew Malekani without consulting or adding the original authors’ names and instead decided to add George Kavishe who never participated in the CPD under reference and therefore could not have been a co-author.

As the original authors of that project we kindly request that you withdraw the article and effect the necessary changes by removing George Kavishe’s name and replacing it with ours in the following order: Asiedu, N.K., Chikafa, M.W., Michael-Onuoha, H. & Malekani, A.W.

We hereby attach the following documents to support our claim:

1.Original work carried out by the group at University of Pretoria

2.Apology letter or email received from Dr. Malekani claiming it was an oversight

3.Apology letter or email received from George Kavishe asking that his name should be removed as co-author of the paper

Please, note that I have copied all the group members including Dr. Malekani of this email

Thank you


Nasir Koranteng Asiedu

For: The Group



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