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In recent years it has been acknowledged that the practice of knowledge management can play an important role to ensure an organisation’s competitive edge within an industry. This paper gives an overview of knowledge sharing in academic libraries. Based on the review of critical literatures by the authors, they infer that knowledge sharing in academic libraries can be influenced by motivators and de-motivators. Activities of knowledge sharing in academic libraries may be on organization level or individual level. Knowledge sharing at both levels is critical to the success or failure of knowledge management inside and outside the academic libraries. The paper went on to discuss the concept of knowledge sharing, the issues of knowledge sharing as well as the benefits of knowledge sharing in academic libraries. The study concludes that, since knowledge sharing is very important for libraries to give quality service for the users and to enhance their performance; the library top managers should give value to it and they have to link it with rewards, recognitions and some benefits that motivate the employees to share their knowledge.